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1: Create a MVC Winform Application based on koossery.MVCwin framewok

Launch Visual Studio and select the menu option File, New Project. The New Project dialog appears (see Figure 1). Select the Windows Application Projects. You can choose the platform target you most like. Name your new project ContactManager and click the OK button.

Figure 1: Create a new project

Customizing the solution
We are going to create solution hierarchy as shown on the figure bellow. We are also going to add the application configuration files and project dependencies. Make sure that your solution hierarchy looks like the one on the figure bellow.
You can delete the sample file Form1.cs and rename Program.cs to Start.cs:

Figure 2: Solution Explorer

This is the list of all needed dependencies(all dependecies are in /lib-ext): antlr.runtime.dll, Common.Logging.dll, koossery.MVCwin.dll, log4net.dll, spring.Core.dll, spring.Services.dll.

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