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Here are exposed technical concepts on which is built koossery.MVCwin

koossery.MVCwin Overview

This section introduces the MVC pattern and how it is applied in koossery.MVCwin

koossery.MVCwin Controllers and Actions

This section explains koossery.MVCwin Controllers and Actions

koossery.MVCwin Views

All the creation process of a view is introduced in this section

koossery.MVCwin View Datas

Each view displays data. In this section we explain how to deal with view data

koossery.MVCwin Validations

This section explains validation of view datas and how validation is performed using MSVAB and IDataErrorInfo interface

koossery.MVCwin Asynchronous Programming

This section explain how to run operations that take extended periods of time such as file downloads and database transactions

koossery.MVCwin Integration with Spring.NET

This section explain how koossery.MVCwin takes advantage of Spring.Net DI framework to create all applications objects

koossery.MVCwin Action Filter

An action filter is an attribute that you can apply to a controller action that modifies the way in which the action is executed. The koossery.MVCwin framework includes several action filters. You also can create your own custom action filters.

Supporting multithreading in koosseryMVCwin

WPF compatibility in koosseryMVCwin

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