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Since this tutorial is an upgrade of the previous ContactManager, we need to change the Koossery.MVCwin1.0.0 library by the new Koossery.MVCwin1.0.1RC1. Due to the changes made in the library, some errors appear.

Issues due to renamed artefacts

Some artifacts are renamed in the new the Koossery.MVCwin 1.0.1RC1 release
  • The panel plLogin is renamed to plProcess
  • The progress bar pbLogin is renamed to pbProcess
Erros are shown in the figure below :


The fix those errors just locate and delete all occurrences of plLogin and pbLogin.

Issues due to the background worker customization in the BaseView

The subscription to the background worker events (ReportProgress and RunWorkerComplete) is mandatory for asynchronous action in order to provide a way to let the user know that a task is executing (see the first ContactManager tutorial). Those subscriptions are made in the BindDataToView method of all views where the notification is necessary.
This process is now made directly by Koossery.MVCwin framework in the base BindDataToView method. To fix those issues
  • Locate and delete all occurrences of background worker subscription events.
  • Locate and delete all occurrences of subscribed methods.
  • In the BindDataToView methods (of views) add base.BindDataToView().

Run the solution, everything goes fine.

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