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SessionData has a reference to each ViewData. All views have their associated View Data wich contains displayable and non displayable data of the view. Notes that all ViewData inherits from the AbstractBaseData object.

The SessionData is a property the koossery.MVCwin Session: Koossery.MVCwin.Data.Session

The listing 1 bellow shows how to create the koossery.MVCwin Session and then populate SessionData, using Spring.NET.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

<objects xmlns="">

  <object id="Session" type="Koossery.MVCwin.Data.Session, Koossery.MVCwin">
    <property name="SessionData">
      <dictionary key-type="string" value-type="Koossery.MVCwin.Data.AbstractBaseData, Koossery.MVCwin">
        <entry key="LoginViewData">
          <ref object="LoginViewData" />

  <object id="LoginViewData" type=", Koossery.MVCwin.Tuto" />

The Session objects is created and its SessionData property is populated with all ViewDatas.
The SessionData is a dictionary of <string, AbstractBaseData>. In the sample above, SessionData only contains one element: the LoginViewData object. The LoginViewData is created befory de Session object

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